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Pic: Aminu S Muhammad


If you hunger and thirst
You are still alive!
Those who kissed
the lips of death
are raptured!
They are the smoke
we saw leaving for oblivion.
They are in a fortress!
They are the ones
With soft skins
Wet lips
And new lives

If you feed and sleep
If you love and want
to be loved
then, you are a soul
wondering in purgatory!

If your country have gods
of nepotism and treachery
then, you are a wall
waiting to be broken!

The end is gone!

Every preacher in this face
is a god!
They have sweet lips
And bitter tongue.
and these gods are busy
seeking for slaves and servants.

Give me a coin
you'll be
two times richer
than Dangote.
give me two coins
and you'll be
ten times richer
than king Solomon.

This are the words
Of a preacher.

The end is gone!

Those who gathered riches
gathered enough!
Like the generals in North and West
Until they became too poor
to buy a ticket
to heaven
if there is


Time is a jailer
And we are prisoners
for some moments

In life
We live in many prisons
Each prison is a bridge
to another prison

Let me take you
to one.
See this picture!
This one!
It is a frame of memoirs
From secondary school.

To those we wore
The same size
of shoes
Hear this!
 I won't mention
the names of the
Victims we've slaughtered
with renaming.
But to those
Who understand
the ways of the winds
Understands the voices
of the trees!

We renamed a character
because she was too fat
and annoying!
We called her
Giwan Talba!
If you have seen
the ex-governor's elephant

And to the big dog!
He is a teacher,
Heavy on the ground
and wicked
We called him
Uncle buffalo!
Uncle buffalo!

My mind is a thick forest
Day and night
I hear sounds of
The singing owl.
Whistling howls of calamity

I am a tree in the woods
Every tear I cry
Is a falling leaf
From a branch.


PETER KWANGE is a spoken word artist and a poet who is currently studying Mass Communication at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai. He enjoys photography and painting. He is the author of ‘Deflowered’.  KWANGE'S poems have appeared in Thebrillantinaproject and on Africanwriter.com. His poem "SHE'S NO LONGER CLOSE" made the top ten PIN 10-Days poetry challenge in January, 2017. Peter Kwange is a member of the Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation


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