Call for entries | 2018 Seoul Bio-Art Contest

Deadline:  August 17, 2018

Entries are invited for 2018 Bio-Art contest. The contest is organised by Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center (Biocon) from Seoul National University and Seoulin Bioscience.

The theme of this year's Bio-Art Contest is “Food and Feed”. There is no doubt that “Food and Feed” are very critical and fundamental elements for all living organisms on the earth. Although we became able to live in affluence of food due to increased food productivity followed by the growth of science and technology, some ironic situations are happening because of food issues. For instance, some people are struggling due to obesity while at some parts of the world the others are starving to death.

Recently, “Food and Eating” has become one of the most popular contents in various media. As well, pictures of food also have become the most frequently uploaded items on Social Networking Sites. On the other hand, many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have kept working on the campaigns, appealing the public to help poor and starving kids in Africa.

There are people enjoying meat while other people are enjoying vegetarian diets. Some people say that eating with joy would not bring any guilty-mind while others say eating light is a virtue. Besides, many healthy foods from all over the world are being introduced through various media. At Bio-art Contest 2018, we are planning to have time to share and contemplate various problems around ‘Food and Feed’ that the world is facing today.

Deadline for Submissions:  August 17, 2018

Entry Qualification: The contest is open to anyone and entry is free. Find details here.

The contest has six (6) categories: Digital Photography, Microphotography, Computer Graphic, Video. VR (Virtual Reality).

Grand Prize (1): KRW 5,000,000
Main Prize (3): KRW 1,000,000
Participation Prize (10): KRW 300,000