Writers converge on Maiduguri for conference on literature in Northern Nigeria

The Northern Nigerian Writers’ Summit (NNWS) is set to hold its conference in Maiduguri, Borno State with the theme, “Developing a Blueprint for the Growth of Literature in Northern Nigeria: A Roadmap to Book Development and Distribution in the Region.”

This fourth conference which starts from tomorrow July 19 – 22, is fully sponsored by the Borno State Government whose Governor, Alhaji Kasimu Shettima is the Chairman of Northern States Governors’ Forum.

Writers, academics, publishers, administrators, booksellers, librarians, professionals and students from the 19 northern states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, will gather to work out a holistic design on how to develop literature in the region.

BM Dzukogi, Chairman of the Summit, informs the Arts-Muse Fair that Prof. Tanimu Abubakar of the Department of English and literary studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, will lead over forty other paper presenters on different topics.
Gov. Kashim Shettima
The conference, which has the President, Nigerian Academy of Letters, Prof Olu Obafemi, chairing, would on Friday, 20 July be declared open by the Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kasimu Shettima at the Command Guest House, Baga Road, Maiduguri.

According to BM Dzukogi, the event would also feature the inauguration of the eleven-member Board of Trustees, foundation laying ceremony of the Headquarters of Northern Nigeria Writers Summit,  visitations to Shehu of Borno, Mega schools, industrial hub, inauguration of  Kashim Shettima Creative Writing Class for selected Teen Authors as well as presentation of a bus donated by the Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima.

Dzukogi explained that the conference will draw up a blueprint on how the northern region can develop its literature and its institutionalization for maximum impact and satisfactory engagement by northern Nigerian writers.
BM Dzukogi, Chairman of NNWS
He noted that the Summit is not a plan to break away from the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), but rather it is a platform for greater development of the literature in the region to accelerate literary development in Nigeria.

According to him “after the Maiduguri conference, a strategic committee of ten members will meet elsewhere and extract the blueprint from over thirty papers to be presented. The final draft would be published and presented to the Northern States Governors Forum in Kaduna for endorsement and action.”

Sub-themes of the 3-day summit are:
1.       Developing prose writing in Northern Nigeria
2.       Developing poetry writing in Northern Nigeria
3.       Developing Play Writing in Northern Nigeria
4.       Developing Children Literature in Northern Nigeria
5.       Developing Teen Authorship in Northern Nigeria
6.       Developing literatures in indigenous language of Northern Nigeria
7.       Publishing, marketing and distribution of books in Northern Nigeria
8.       Establishment of Endowments, grants, residencies and prizes in  the development of literature in   Northern Nigeria
9.       Teaching indigenous languages and indigenous literatures in primary and secondary schools in Northern   Nigeria
10.   Adaptation of Northern Nigeria books into films.
11.   Art Administration and Promotion in Northern Nigeria
12.   Establishment of States Book Development Agencies for Creative Writing
13.   Establishment of Art centres in Northern Nigerian Primary and Secondary schools
14.   Creating Literary Art Festivals in States of Northern Nigeria
15.   Creating Literary Competitions across Northern Nigeria
16.   Developing Reading programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools in Northern Nigeria
17.   Developing Book Exchange Programmes in Northern Nigeria
18.   Establishment of Visitations and Cultural Trips on literature around Northern Nigeria
19.   Translation of Books into Northern Nigerian Languages
20.   Encouragement of females from Northern Nigerian to write books in the region
21.   Literary/book development and media intervention in Northern Nigeria
22.   Libraries and Book Development in Northern Nigeria
23.   Content and Language Editing for Credible Northern Nigerian Writings: A Blueprint
24.   Literary writings and Environment in Northern Nigeria
25.   Developing Reading Strategies and Supply of Books for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
26.   Encouraging IDPs to Tell, Write and Publish their Stories.