Micro fiction | Waves and Tides by Sophiyya Embee | The Arts-Muse Fair

Photo: Aminu S Muhammad.


The first time she'd seen him, she was dazed. She'd never seen someone so beautiful she thought she must have been crazed. He had a skin so light and he made her think she'd never seen someone smile as bright. She kept images of him in her head all night, he taught her, firsthand, the concept of love at first sight.

They'd met in school. She'd gone back to class lighthearted and told her friend, "man! He's so cool!" They'd chatted, laughed about it, in a way only a true friend could understand it. "Don't fall too deep," her friend would tease, yet she marvelled at how she did with ease. Time flew! That thing..! You'd never know when everything will become new! 

She'd gone to camp and the feelings bloomed, little did she know it'd turn right around to gloom. He had her heart, at the tip of his hat. He had her smile full of anticipation, dreams and expectations. She saw in the future so much hope, she feared she couldn't cope. It was too much anxiety and she had thought he'd turn her dreams to reality. 

He was in every fantasy of her life, only to find out he had a wife. 'So many pretenses in the world', was the only thought her mind would hold.

             Sophiyya EmBee is a budding poet and writer. She is an unrepentant lover of books, Tea and cats.