Poet Romeo Oriogun starts a blog, says "I am forgetting things, when I cant remember I can go to my blog and read my posts"

Romeo Oriogun who last week announced his struggles with the Bipolar disorder on his facebook timeline has started a new blog, rommyoriogun.wordpress.com, which he explained as his diary to share his recovery journey and poetry.

In his first blog post 'The Journey to Nowhere' published yesterday,  he writes, "Bipolar disorder; the first time I learnt about it was two years ago, it was also around that time I was diagnosed, before then mental illness was something I read about, something far, something I never thought will be associated with me. I have been dealing with extreme mood swings  from my adolescent years but I have always thought that there is an explanation for it, it became a hope I held on to. When my life disintegrated to drunk days and not so drunk days I still thought it was explainable, I thought I was struggling to grasp life because I was weak, because I couldn’t order my life, because life was something I didn’t want enough, at that stage I thought I still have it all together, what this illness does to you is that it kills you slowly while telling you that you can still survive, that you got plans to pull out from the hole, so you keep falling until you are somewhere lost and dark, where there is no road to come out from, at that time death becomes desirable.
Since the past two years I’ve come a long way, I have also fallen at intervals, I’m currently on medication to deal with my illness, as I manage my condition I develop immense respect for humans, especially those that are broken, I admire their courage to live another day, I know how difficult it is to open my eyes on some days, I know how on some days I feel like giving up but the thought that some people are going through this same journey gives me hope to love, it is what keep me going.
I created this blog to share my recovery journey and also my poetry, I hope I’m able to keep it alive. I hope I don’t forget it because recently I’m beginning to forget things, I hope I can put things here, so when I forget I can always come here to remember."

The US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) defines Bipolar disorder as manic-depressive illness, a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.