AMAB Book Club opens the year with a Fiesta.

The 1st AMAB BOOK CLUB FIESTA held on the evening of Saturday 7th January 2O17 at the Shamraz Plaza, Minna. The Fiesta, co-ordinated by Nana Sule brought together members of the AMAB Book Club for an end-of-year review of the club's activities in the year 2016.

Members and guests at the Fiesta  voted 'Born on a Tuesday' (BOAT) by El-Nathan John as the most deserving of the 2016 NLNG (Nigeria Prize for Literature) fiction prize than the winning book, Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim.

BOAT was favoured over Season of Crimson Blossoms as, in their view, it has a better flow of narration, accessible language and tangible characterization with readers able to connect easily and deeper with Dantala of BOAT than Hajiya or  her lover in the Season of Crimson Blossoms.

Members and guests also reviewed major literary activities of 2016 including the Caine and Nobel Literature Prizes as they enjoyed drinks, music and a game of scrabbles.