Masobe Books launches operation, aims to revolutionize publishing in Nigeria

Friday June 6, 2019, Masobe Books, a new Nigerian publishing company formally announced the official launch of its business activities.

Operating from Lagos, Masobe Books prides itself as ‘a labour of love for Nigerian literature’. It dreams to support writers, significantly improve readership, and tackle and surmount the typical challenges in Nigerian literature which include poor distribution and marketing; mediocre production, and writers’ disillusionment with securing commensurate publication, reward, and exposure for their work.
“As a writer and an avid reader, I have experienced these challenges personally,” says, Othuke Ominiabohs, Founder of Masobe Books. “So, I and a dedicated team of like-minded people decided to do something about them. We created Masobe Books, which is a platform to protect, project and promote our literature. We like to think of Masobe Books as a family. We believe that together as a collective — writers, readers, and publisher — we can surmount these challenges and do big things in the publishing space. Together we can read, write, create magic, and live dreams.”

Masobe means 'Let Us Read' in Isoko, the language of the Isoko people from Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

Masobe Books is the publisher of the acclaimed JAMB text, ‘Sweet Sixteen; A Coming of Age Story’ by Bolaji Abdullahi among other books. The list of authors and forthcoming books from its stables will be released in August 2019. Masobe Books has also put out a a call for submissions starting from 1st June and closing on 30th June 2019 for writers who have new and exciting stories to tell.