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The Arts-Muse Fair is BACK!

Dearest Creative, We are BACK! Have you missed us? Because we have! But hey, we're excited to announce that we're back and ready to dive into business! And we can't wait to receive your exciting creations. While away, we've been exploring new ideas, connecting with inspiring individuals, and delving deep into the ever-evolving world of creativity. We can't wait to bring you along on this journey!!  What can you expect from us in the coming months?  Well, think of us as your art curators; we will be bringing you unique stories, poems, book reviews, and beautiful sights from the art of photography!  We will also share the latest updates from the art and literary world; we will cover festivals, travels, events, and everything arts and Culture. But hey, this isn't just about us—it's about you too! We want to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas.  Feel free to contact us via comments, email, or our social media handles.  You can also send in your works for pu

The Poem as a Journey - Ismail Bala

There is no one secret to reading a poem, but the closest I know is to think of it as a journey. Where are the thoughts, the sounds, and the feelings coming from, and where do they land? ‘Each word is a step on the road’, Patsy Rodenburg (who is a voice coach at the British National Theatre) often tells student actors. To give words to an audience,   she says, you have to feel the “journey of thought” in them and the shape they take. “Try walking”, she tells the student-actor, ‘the journey of the poem’.  In life, too, poems and journeys go together. Both move. Both take a bit of time and effort. Both let you reflect on other things as you go on. Both can upset and surprise you. There may be boring moments or moments that seem boring at the time, but afterwards, you realise they were crucial. Both give you new windows on the world and take you out of yourself, but let you go deeper into yourself at the same time. They get you to new places. So what is the journey of reading a poem? Ther