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The Arts-Muse Fair is BACK!

Dearest Creative, We are BACK! Have you missed us? Because we have! But hey, we're excited to announce that we're back and ready to dive into business! And we can't wait to receive your exciting creations. While away, we've been exploring new ideas, connecting with inspiring individuals, and delving deep into the ever-evolving world of creativity. We can't wait to bring you along on this journey!!  What can you expect from us in the coming months?  Well, think of us as your art curators; we will be bringing you unique stories, poems, book reviews, and beautiful sights from the art of photography!  We will also share the latest updates from the art and literary world; we will cover festivals, travels, events, and everything arts and Culture. But hey, this isn't just about us—it's about you too! We want to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas.  Feel free to contact us via comments, email, or our social media handles.  You can also send in your works for pu

Book review | Novel – Nostalgia

Book :  Nostalgia Author :  Akintunde Oyajobi Publisher :  Delta Publications (Nigeria) Ltd Reviewer : Aminu S Muhammad The jealousy of a husband seething from sexual frustration sets off strings of actions and counter-actions that frame the story of a near-tragedy that Nostalgia is.   Akintunde Oyajobi deploys fine language, tight plot and gripping suspense to tell this story of love, hurt, and tears brought upon the Tunde Giwa family by an act of indiscretion by Rebecca, which in turn fired up the vindictive part of Tunde, her husband. Tunde, the protagonist of the novel needed to prove his manhood to Rebecca, his beautiful wife, the pleasure of which she habitually deprives him in the bedroom. This, he did with the irascibility of an entitled African husband by calling Rebecca a whore and sending her out of his house after a misunderstanding that bordered on suspected infidelity. Embarrassed by her husband’s accusation and buoyed by a firm belief